Who We Are

Our mission is to address the inequality between those Australians that can access the dental care they need, and those that can’t.

Formed in 2008 by the Australian Dental Association, the ADHF has seen dentists across Australia come together to improve the oral health of disadvantaged Australians. Dentists around the country have volunteered their time or made financial contributions so support and resources can be sent where they’re needed most.

What we want

We want better access to quality dental care for all Australians regardless of their financial, geographical or social situation.

Access to quality dental care and the basics of oral hygiene is an important building block in the health of the nation. It’s our goal to ensure the continued improvement of oral health through the support of dentists, the dental profession, and dental industry.

What we do

As part of the fabric of the dental profession, the ADHF is perfectly positioned to direct funding to projects that will make a difference. Whether it’s supporting education and training for people in rural Australia, or co-ordinating an army of volunteer dental professionals to get out on the road and reach the most disadvantaged in our society, we can achieve lasting change.

These projects will be made possible by the generous donations of money, equipment and time from our committed partners, corporate supporters and individuals around Australia. Our pledge is to carry on campaigning to spread awareness of the shortfalls in Australian dental health and generate funding for projects that target those shortfalls.

How we work

The ADHF runs projects and initiatives based on the needs of different communities. We directly inject our own volunteers or seek out local partners on the ground who can implement the projects with the help of our funding. We assess the impact a project will have and channel resources into those projects that we feel stand to deliver the biggest and most lasting benefits.

Strategic Plan