Our Work

True equality of dental healthcare in Australia is our ultimate goal, but we also recognise that this would require a huge commitment on the part of Government.

While the ADHF and other dental organisations will continue to push for additional Government resources and funding, we must carry on finding and assisting those in urgent need of care. We can’t offer sweeping changes and ‘million dollar’ solutions, but we can inject targeted help on the ground where it’s needed most urgently.

A lot of the help we provide comes in the form of simple things that make a big difference to the people involved; things like encouraging practitioners to set up in rural and remote locations, injecting funds into Aboriginal communities, or education children in oral hygiene.

A dental check-up in a mobile surgery and some simple advice about oral hygiene may be all it takes to put youngsters on the right track to maintaining a healthy mouth.

We’re currently planning and implementing projects that are providing just this kind of assistance to Australians in need.